Tour of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute
Date: October 28th
Time of Tour: 1:00 pm

Most of us are aware of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute in Cookville, NB and the work they do rehabilitating injured or sick wildlife.  In addition to their rehabilitation work, the Institute contributes to our awareness of environmental problems and issues as well as providing education about wildlife to kids and other members of the community.  So if you’d like to see some wildlife up close, and even some – skunks come to mind – that you’d rather not see, come join us for a 1 to 2 hour tour of their facilities beginning at 1:00 pm on Sunday October 28th.  People in the Moncton area can meet for carpooling in the Champlain Place parking lot behind the Burger King at 12:00 noon.  For people who wish to join the group in the Sackville area, we will meet there at the Sackville Tourist Information Centre on Mallard Drive (by the Sackville Waterfowl Park) at 12:30.
Please register for the tour with Louise Nichols at
Individual donations to the Atlantic Wildlife Institute would be appreciated.  All are welcome to join the group, Nature Moncton member or not.

Upcoming Events.

​Nature Moncton October Meeting
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
Mapleton Rotary Lodge (across from former Cabela’s)
New Brunswick’s Protected Natural Areas
Guest Speaker: Heather Loomer

New Brunswick’s Protected Natural Areas (PNAs) are designated sites, protected in perpetuity, for the conservation of New Brunswick’s diversity of flora and fauna and the natural spaces, habitats, and ecosystems on which they depend. Currently in New Brunswick there are 208 sites designated under PNA legislation protecting a total of 274,000 hectares of land and inland waters. Heather Loomer is a biologist with the Protected Natural Areas Section of the  Dept. Energy and Resource Development in Fredericton. Heather’s presentation will highlight a few of these sites, explaining why they are worthy of protecting and visiting. Heather’s presentation will provide some special areas for folks to visit and what to look for that led to their protection.

All are welcome, Nature Moncton Member or not.


Nature Moncton evening presentation
Introduction and Navigating iNaturalist: An exciting tool for documenting and understanding nature
November 7 (Wednesday) at 7:00 PM, 2018
Sobey’s Community Room, 1160 Finley Boulevard, Riverview.
Presenter: Sean Blaney

The iNaturalist internet site ( ) is a remarkable tool that allows naturalists to share photographic records of wild species, to have their images and identifications reviewed by experts worldwide, and to contribute to a global dataset that scientists are increasingly relying upon. To date there have been 770,000 Canadian records of 17,000+ species submitted by 20,000+ observers. The site even has an artificial intelligence system that offers species identifications automatically.
Sean Blaney from the Atlantic Data Centre in Sackville is very familiar with iNaturalist and will show participants what iNaturalist has to offer and how to use it effectively.
Prior to the workshop, participants should sign up for an account at If they use a smart phone as their primary camera, participants should install the app on their phone so that they can use their phone to instantly upload nature images to the iNaturalist database.
If interested, participants can bring a small number of nature images (insects, plants, fungi, birds, whatever) to demonstrate uploading and identifying records.
Please register with Nature Moncton Activities Committee chairperson Louise Nichols at as numbers may have to be limited depending upon interest.
As always all are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.


Environmental Planning and Management for the City of Moncton
Date:  November 20, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Location:  Mapleton Park Rotary Lodge (across from where Cabela’s used to be)
Speaker: Elaine Aucoin, P.Eng

Elaine Aucoin’s role as Director of Environmental Planning and Management for the City of Moncton is to manage potential environmental issues on City projects as well as develop and implement environmental programs and initiatives for the Corporations.  Amongst other projects, she is currently working on advancing climate change adaptation initiatives as well as greenhouse gas reduction projects.  For the November 20th presentation, Elaine could discuss the following:
- Surface water quality (issues and implemented measures)
- Naturalized Storm Water Management and constructed wetlands
- Watershed management
- Climate change adaptation initiatives
- Recent greenhouse gas emissions reduction initiatives

The City of Moncton has received national awards for some of the environmental projects the City has initiated and that are in use. Elaine will have a lot to share on what is happening on our doorstep many of us are not aware of.

All are welcome, Nature Moncton Member or not.


Nature Moncton December Meeting
“Cape Town: Its Unique Biodiversity and the Work the Municipality Does to Protect it”
Date: December 11th, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Mapleton Park Rotary Lodge
Speaker: Ulrike Irlich

Cape Town (South Africa) is located within the Cape Floristic Region, one of six floral kingdoms on the planet.  Cape Town is a global biodiversity hot spot and has been labeled as the “most biodiverse urban area in the world.”  Cape Town is the proud custodian of over 3300 plant species, 365 bird species and 83 mammal species, and much more.  On top of this, the city boasts high levels of endemism.
This presentation will showcase the unique biodiversity found within the city and highlights some of the work the municipality does to protect its natural heritage.  Ulrike worked for the municipality for 6 years and will talk about Cape Town’s biodiversity and some of the special adaptations and conservation projects around the city.

Nature Moncton Field trip to Caledonia Gorge
Sunday, October 21, 2018

Meeting place: Petro-Canada station on Hillsborough Road (Route 114) across from Point Park subdivision at 9:00 a.m.
Heather Loomer gave a great presentation on Protected Natural Areas in New Brunswick to Nature Moncton at the Tuesday, October 16 monthly meeting. Heather specifically described two Protected Natural Areas near Moncton, the Canaan Bog area and the Caledonia Gorge.
This Sunday, October 21, Nature Moncton will pay a visit to the Caledonia Gorge to discover why it is unique enough to have been designated a part of New Brunswick’s Protected Natural Areas into perpetuity.
The Caledonia Gorge was chosen for a fall visit due to the additional bonus of fall foliage, while hopefully a visit to the Canaan Bog PNA site can be arranged in the spring to discover its special features. The Caledonia Gorge is beautifully described at the attached site. Explore this site to learn what we can expect to see and experience on October 21.
As always, all are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.