All meetings, outings and workshops dates are subject to change and more get added as the season progresses so be sure to check the Info-line and website regularly.

Some events have a maximum or minimum number of participants, so be sure to check the Nature Moncton website at  or the Information Line Blog at for updates.

If you have ideas for other field trips, workshops or presentations contact Louise Nichols, Chair Activities Committee, at   

Meetings: Regular monthly meetings are held at the Mapleton Park Rotary Lodge.
Outings: Details are confirmed on the Nature Moncton Information Line Blog during the week leading up to the event. 
Transportation: Car-pooling is organized for outings, so there are always seats available for those who need rides. Please remember if you car-pool to share the cost of the gas.

Everyone is welcome whether a member or non-member.

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Weather Advisories and Cancellations.

Check here for up to date information on cancellations.

​Due to Covid-19 concerns, the Petitcodiac River Appreciation Day event is being postponed until April 09, 2022.

The outstanding advances taking place regarding the care of our beautiful river will outlast Covid-19 and we still definitely plan to highlight and celebrate them.

("Date of event subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns")

Welcome to Nature Moncton.